Download a submission form
Our submission form is available for download in Acrobat PDF format.


Depending on the configuration of your computer, one of three things may happen when you click on the link to the form, at the base of this page:

  1. You may see the form load in your browser window: if this happens, you can use the menu command (File - Save As...) to save the PDF file on your computer's hard drive. Make sure you save it in a location (folder) you will remember!
  2. You may find that the form loads in a separate window which is separate from the browser - the Adobe Acrobat software interface. From this window you can save the file in the usual fashion (just make sure you can recall where you saved it!)
  3. You may be asked whether you want to save the file: this probably means you don't have Adobe Acrobat on your computer - which you will need to use the form. The Acrobat Reader software is FREE, and can be obtained by download from - however this is a big download and you may prefer instead to purchase a computer/internet magazine with a free cover CD-ROM offering Acrobat for installation.


Once you have the file saved on your computer, you can either print it and fill it in by hand, or you can fill it in on screen - making use of our pull-down lists to save you time in some sections of the form - and print it out to send with your sample(s).

If you use the on-screen method, do bear in mind that you can only save the completed form if you have purchased a full version of Adobe Acrobat (i.e. you have paid money to obtain Acrobat software which has much more functionality than the free Acrobat Reader). You may therefore want to print a second copy for your own records.

Users who have a full copy of Adobe Acrobat will find that they can both save individual forms with all the contained information, and they can create a personalised template with the practice name and contact details 'pre-entered' for use with future submissions.