A speedy response

Our service is designed for a fast response at all stages: 

We provide our customers with free sample containers/slide mailing containers and full packaging, with return postage pre-paid in the UK

Our containers/packaging can be posted in a normal postbox... no more journeys to the Post Office!

Samples are received at REST ASSOCIATES in the post, which is delivered twice daily (at 8.30am and 2.30pm). They are immediately unpacked, logged into our database and prepared for automated overnight processing.

From 7am the following day, samples are removed from the processor, embedded, trimmed, sectioned, mounted on slides and stained. They are then examined by our pathologists and reports generated and sent to you - well over 90% on the working day after they are received by the laboratory. Urgent reports can be faxed the morning after receipt and we have two mail collections daily to speed replies by mail. 

Faxed reports are routinely sent as soon as the report is completed.