Quality of reporting

Our comprehensive reports include:

Diagnosis, prognosis and excision margins for tumours
This level of detail helps you to ensure the best treatment for your patients... no need to go back to the textbooks or do a literature search - we've done that for you! Be sure that you are managing your oncology patients to the best of your ability.

Clinical differential diagnoses and eliminations for skin conditions through blind evaluation of multiple sections
Skin disease is a speciality of Rest Associates. Interpretation of dermatopathology is skilled and complex, so we examine all sections 'blind' - which means that we look at the section down the microscope BEFORE we have read the full clinical history. This practice has been shown to increase the accuracy of reports; our examination of your sample is not biased by prior expectations which may have been gained whilst reading the clinical history.

Extra information to link the pathology and clinical problem e.g. disease incidence, pathogenesis, emerging syndromes and therapeutic implications
Whenever possible we will offer data to supplement the diagnosis - so increasing your confidence with cases and offering the best chances of therapeutic success.